View Full Version : Rodenstock Grandagon-N 75mm question

11-Feb-2014, 06:43
I have been silently following this forum now for 18 months. It has answered numerous questions and provided inspiration into my photography. I've been shooting digital for over 12 years now and large format for just over 2.

My question concerns help in deciding on the right wide angle lens for my Toyo 45A. I'm wanting to match the field of view that I get on my Nikon D800E (full frame) with a 24mm lens. From what I've read, the 75mm equals 20mm in 35mm format, this would be ideal.

I shoot mostly landscapes straight forward with little or no movements. The Toyo 45A spec indicate the widest useable lens is the 90mm.

My question is: Does anyone have experience using the 75mm or shorter lenses on the Toyo 45A? Is there a way to install bag bellows purchased or custom made to allow the use of wider than 90mm lens?

I would appreciate any help or advise anyone has to offer. Thanks in advance for your help


11-Feb-2014, 07:05

I used a 75mm on my Toyo 45AX with the standard bellows and a flat lens board. Absolutely no problem for horizontal landscapes (like you say, minimal movements generally required). For verticals, you may need to tilt the base down and angle both standards back. I think not, but I can't recall for sure (I sold my 45AX a couple of years ago). I even used my 55mm on the Toyo with a recessed board for horizontals.