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10-Feb-2014, 16:21
Hi guys,

I have travelled on single flights and return flights with unexposed and undeveloped film many times without seeing any negative effects.
Next month I will be flying a total of 9 times in one trip (I fly to Japan, China, Vietnam and have a number of internal flights as well). I am wondering what my options are, I suppose the best way is to buy film locally, and develop locally, but I find this to be a risky strategy, I do not want to run out of film, plus I do not know the labs over there (I need to develop c41 4x5 sheets and 120 film).

Do the Domke lead bags protect film in such a way that it is possible to put it trough 9 xray machines and not get any fogging?

Do you know of any good labs and/or shops I can buy 4x5 and 120 film in Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hanoi?

Thank you.

Mark Woods
10-Feb-2014, 16:41
Is it possible to ship home the exposed film with FedEx or UPS? I think Kodak uses FedEx (I could be wrong), but I know the cinema people used it when shooting on location. You could ask your lab (if you don't process it yourself). Good luck, have a great trip.

10-Feb-2014, 22:02
Osaka: Yodobashi carries all kinds of film, and Hattori-san (if he's still there) at the JR Osaka Station branch is very knowledgeable. He can speak a little English. Teshima-san of Tokiwa Camera in Nipponbashi is an excellent resource as well. He speaks English.


11-Feb-2014, 02:28
Thanks so much guys, I have thought about the fedex option, seems like a good idea, but do they not xray these shippings?
I think I will try and find a lab and buy film in one of those places in Osaka. Thanks.