View Full Version : Ziploc bags for filmholders

jens peter
15-Sep-2004, 15:53
Dear forum When hiking I use Ziploc bags to protect my Toyo DDS 4x5 filmholders. I have found them to fit the filmholders as a glove - and it helps me to overcome the dustproblem. However, I have found the bigger size Ziplocs slightly insuficient to protect my Toyo 8x10 holders. And I do not know of larger sizes of Ziplocs.... Anyone with a good suggestion?

Mike Troxell
15-Sep-2004, 16:11
Hefty OneZip 2.5 gallon storage bags. One bag will hold 6 8x10 holders with a little room to spare.

Brian Ellis
15-Sep-2004, 16:55
Ziploc Freezer 2 gallon bags work fine for my 8x10 holders, one or two holders per bag. You mention keeping your holders in Ziploc bags "when hiking." If you keep the holders in bags all the time, including when storing them between photography sessions, it will help a lot with dust.

Robert A. Zeichner
16-Sep-2004, 05:24
A company called Uline specializes in packing materials and offers a large assortment of 2 mil. zip locks that work great for film holders of various sizes. You have to buy 1000 at a time, but they are cheap and you can perhaps split a bundle with some other LF'ers.

http://www.uline.com/Class_01.asp will take you to their on-line catalog.

Henry Carter
16-Sep-2004, 05:34
Zip lock freezer bags in Canada are in metric sizes while those in the US are measured in gallons. This could account for different dimensions of say 'large' size freezer bags according to whether they were made for metric volumes as opposed to gallon units. Skaal:-)

16-Sep-2004, 16:08
I also bought some bags from Uline, except I needed to buy only 100 bags, and they were anti-static bags. I found that zip locks (or any plastic-like material) build up static charges and dust is attracted to the holders. I don't know yet if the anti-static bags alleviate this problem.

Paul Metcalf
16-Sep-2004, 20:56

I use the pink ones, 12x15 for 8x10 holders. "Pink anti-static bags are designed for applications where static shielding protection is not required. The bags contain a non-amine, anti-static solution that provides resistance to tribocharging." 25 bags cost $8.40 plus shipping. They're 4mil with zipper lock an very durable.

17-Sep-2004, 14:04
I use Ziplok Freezer 2 Gallon bags for Fidelity Elite 8x10 holders. I use them one holder per bag, but the bags would probably hold many more (i think around 4),