View Full Version : Dallon 6" help

10-Feb-2014, 08:20
I just picked up a 6" f5.6 Dallon Tele-Anastigmat, which came in a box lot. I can't find out any info on it, like what type of lens it is, or how it is used. It has a black barrel with a silver adapter that is removable, and bit too big too fit a leica thread. There is no focusing ring on it, so is it for a view camera. Any ideas or knowledge out there.

10-Feb-2014, 08:46
I'll have information in various BJP Almanacs, It's a Dallmeyer telephoto lens made in all sorts of barrels and different fittings inc Leica screw thread in a focussing barrel.

It won't cover 5x4 or even Quarter plate, I have seen a 6x6 folding camera that took interchangeable lenses one was a 6" Dallon.