View Full Version : Looking for a wood and aluminum sectional frame --- Am I going nuts?

Michael Mutmansky
15-Sep-2004, 15:35

A few years ago, while looking around the internet for framing supplies, I recall coming across a company that made a wooden frame that was backed with an aluminum cross-section so that it could be assembled easily and cut to lengths as needed. If I remember correctly, it used the same corner hardware as the Nielson and other sectional frame manufacturers use.

Now, I'm thinking about using something like that frame, and I can't seem to find anything about them anywhere, but the searching is not easy because typing in typical keywords in Google produces all kinds of false hits.

Does anyone know of any frame makers that combine an aluminum cross-section and a wooden 'cover'? I seem to recall that one of the frames may have had a slight reveal of the aluminum from behind the wood (walnut or ebony, or a dark stained substitute).

If everyone tells me I've lost it, then I'll accept the possibility that I have become delusional, because my wife tells me that all the time when I pull out the 7x17 to travel with.


William Blunt
15-Sep-2004, 16:59
Michael, You are not delusional, I remember frames like you are talking about. I just can't remember where I read about them. I'll keep trying to remember but I'm lucky if I can remember to put film in my holders. Wm Blunt

William Blunt
15-Sep-2004, 20:58
Michael, If you haven't found the frames try www.xibitframe.com I think this is what you are looking for. Wm Blunt

Michael Mutmansky
16-Sep-2004, 08:24

That's the one, thanks for the information. I knew I wasn't totally of my rocker.