View Full Version : Golden De Busch Lenses

CP Goerz
15-Sep-2004, 10:26
Does anyone out there have any info on these lenses by any chance? I have a few drawings courtesy of a gentleman in New Mexico but was wondering if anyone has a catalogue or any info on the 14" F8 WA Dagor Doug was considering having made by Melles Griot? Thanks for any help!!

CP Goerz

Mark Sampson
15-Sep-2004, 10:35
Check your back issues of "View camera" magazine, circa 1990. There was a feature on Doug Busch, where he talked about his cameras and lenses. IIRC they were designed by Rodenstock and built by Melles Griot, but few were made because his financial backer pulled out. Doulas Busch has a website- you might ask him directly.

Donald Brewster
15-Sep-2004, 11:44
FYI. There is an 890mm/12.3F example for sale at E.P. Levine in Boston for $1795.