View Full Version : Vignetting the 450C for 4x5, 5x7?

Don Miller
15-Sep-2004, 09:02
Would you vignett the Fuji 450C when used on 4x5 or 5x7 to prevent bellows flare? Some people seem to feel that bellows flare is not much of an issue with modern bellows.

Is a reducing adaptor, say from 67 to 52mm, the easiest method? Thanks.


James E Galvin
15-Sep-2004, 14:38
If you use a reducing adapter, the vignetting will change with aperture. At f/22, the hole has to be small. Look thru the lens at the ground glass to see what is required. This is what a lens shade is for, such as a compendium adjusted just outside of the view. The inside of the bellows, indeed everything inside of the camera should be as black as possible. I removed the ground glass, masked the front and rear standards with masking tape and poly film, and spray painted with flat black all over the inside (after trying on an old bellows). A lot darker than what it was. I painted the inside of the compendium also.