View Full Version : CLA recommand for Studio shutter and Wollensak series II 15.5 inch lens

7-Feb-2014, 17:00
I got a Wollensak series II 15.5 inch lens with studio shutter, shutter works, but need to do CLA. Lens is in good condition, but has haze in internal surface of front cell and soft focus ring locked. I like to send the lens out to do cla. Could you give me some suggestions where I should send to?

7-Feb-2014, 17:44
You could try any of the names here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?110214-Another-camera-repair-resource&highlight=flutot

8-Feb-2014, 07:51
Bill Moretz did a wonderful job with two Wollensaks of the same vintage as yours, as well as CLAs on my Rolleiflex, Hasselbad, etc. He runs ProCamera in Charlottesville, Virginia -- http://procameraus.com.