View Full Version : 5x7 Technika V question: front standard swing/shift lock

Daniel Stone
7-Feb-2014, 14:09
Hey all,

Does the front standard on a 5x7 Technika V allow for it to be locked when a swing movement is applied? If so, is there a mode of operation for doing such that I'm not getting? I played around with a camera I'm considering purchasing the other day, but while doing so, I came across this "issue"(if there is one?). It locks fine when not swung(so straight), but when swing is applied, it doesn't seem to lock. Surely Linhof didn't overlook this when they designed this great(albeit heavy) camera?

For you Tech V 5x7/13x18 users, could you post your method of locking the standard down after applying a front swing adjustment? I'm only posting this query because front swing is one of my most used movements, after rise and front tilt.


Teodor Oprean
7-Feb-2014, 16:34
Yes, the front standard allows locking after you apply swing. You lock it the same way as you would when the standard is in the zero'd position.

Teodor Oprean
7-Feb-2014, 16:36
On the front standard, there is one lever for locking/unlocking swing and a separate lever for locking/unlocking shift. It's the exact same design on both the 5x7 Technika V and on the 4x5 Technika V.

Daniel Stone
7-Feb-2014, 17:56
Hi Teodor,

thanks. Do you know, is there any way this locking lever might become inoperative, or loose enough? I'm looking to potentially purchase this camera, but wanted to find out beforehand, if possible, so I'll know if it's something that needs to be repaired, replaced($$$ I'm assuming), or simply tightened a bit in order to work as-intended.


Teodor Oprean
7-Feb-2014, 20:18
Nothing is broken with the camera you are considering. The swing locking lever works like that by design.

Scenario 1: Front standard is swung and the swing lever is in the locked position. When you adjust the front standard to reach the zero swing angle, the internal ball bearing locks into the matching hole to keep the front standard perfectly parallel to the film plane.

Scenario 2: Front standard is swung and the swing lever is in the unlocked position. You can adjust the swing angle to the left or to the right to any degree you desire, no matter how small. The ball bearing does not lock into the matching hole in this case. This intentional design enables you to apply a swing of a very small angle.

Daniel Stone
7-Feb-2014, 20:22

Thanks very much for your input. It's greatly appreciated


Teodor Oprean
7-Feb-2014, 20:32
The camera you are considering won't need any repair. It works just fine.

Teodor Oprean
7-Feb-2014, 20:37
The swing angle you choose is held in place by friction resistance. I don't think there's any danger of the swing angle changing accidentally after you've set it.