View Full Version : Questions regarding Eastman Anastigmat F10 21" Lens

6-Feb-2014, 07:13
Would anyone here in the forum be familiar with an Eastman Anastigmat F10 21" Lens? I would like to know what the small knob at the rear of the lens near the flange is used for, and also a possible date of manufacture. Any other information would be greatly appreciated too! Thank you!


6-Feb-2014, 07:21
I don't know about the knob. But here are search results on this forum

6-Feb-2014, 07:29
Thank you for your speedy reply Garret! Much appreciated! The second link was extremely helpful... describing the lens as being in a 'captive flange' for use with a prism. If this is the case, would this mean this lens was used on a copy camera? Would this lens be of any use as a portrait lens?

Jim Jones
6-Feb-2014, 08:21
The Eastman is indeed probably a copy lens. It should please some photographers as a portrait lens, while others prefer lenses with different qualities. Only you can be the ultimate judge for your own photography. It is certainly worth trying. The rotating flange may also be to orient the lens for optimum half-tone production when Waterhouse stops (if the lens can accept them) are used.

6-Feb-2014, 09:15
Thank you for your input Jim... Now that I know that my inquisitive twists to the lens in flange haven't affected its performance... I shall certainly test it on my 8x10 camera... probably over the weekend! I haven't used an F10 lens before... are there any tips you (or anyone else) can offer?