View Full Version : Figuring out what this mystery film is

Noah B
4-Feb-2014, 15:41
I recently got some old film holders that had unexposed film in them. I looked at the notch and I have a hunch it may be Efke, but not too certain. I have a photo of the film compared to some 8x10 Efke 100 (the film I got is 4x5). Does anyone know what film it could be? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


karl french
4-Feb-2014, 16:48
Looks like a Fomapan notch to me.

4-Feb-2014, 21:01
the green one is an exact match to some Arista EDU 100 that I have, which everyone says is made by Foma.

Noah B
5-Feb-2014, 06:49
Thanks guys! I'll shoot it at 100 and see what happens.