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4-Feb-2014, 11:14
We have launched a small kickstarter project, with a very modest goal to help spread the word about this new publication. While its is not strictly LF oriented, most of the submissions in this issue are of LF shooters (from 4X5 to 8X10, Polaroid and wet plate shooters). This is a very limited edition (50 + artist prints), so you might want to get one before they are all gone.

Papersafe is a new independent publication, published 3 times a year, dedicated to analog photography. Edited by Trevor Powers, published by CatLABS.

Help us take this project further and establish this as a great platform for traditional photographers community!

Papersafe: #01 'Sage' is the inaugural issue of a new independent publication dedicated to analog photography and the community surrounding it, and is a platform for a current, critical and thought provoking review of photography and art through images (and some words).


Our first issue is slated for March 2014, and will be launched at the Print and Multiples Fair at Baltimore MD - (http://openspacebaltimore.com/, and SPE national at the same weekend in Baltimore).

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5-Feb-2014, 11:28
Thanks to all who already joined us on this project!
Due to the amazing response we got in the first 2 days of the project - we've added a few new "rewards" which include some "one of" prints by the featured artists.

Richard Rankin
5-Feb-2014, 13:34
I just picked up the last of the $15 rewards. Good luck with it all!

5-Feb-2014, 15:03
Richard - thanks!!!
I have adjusted the rewards so that there are a few less of the combo 20$ and a couple more of the 15$ sage only option - so there is still a chance to get a copy.

9-Feb-2014, 09:00


Help us unlock our stretch goal for 750$:

We are simply amazed at the incredible response we are getting for this project, and have passed our original "pre-sale" plans. With only a few copies of paperasfe remaining for pre sale, we're starting to realize the potential of Papersafe and are thinking of ways we will put these extra funds to good use.

If we are able to reach 750$ we will unlock our stretch goal, which will allow us to increase the edition size from 50 to 75. It is still our intention to keep the edition size small (no more than 75 copies), the stretch goal and these extra 25 copies will allow us to do some great things:

More then anything, these extra copies will mean we will have enough copies to allow us sell Papersafe in-person at the Print and Multiples Fair in Baltimore & Society of Photographic Educators conference as well as donate copies of Papersafe to more collections and libraries around the world then we originally planned, including places as: Indie Photobook Library in Washington, DC, Photobookshow in London, Booklet Library in Japan, and The Library Project in Ireland to name a few.
Selling these extra copies and stretch goal funding will allow us to reach more people as well as ensure issue #02's edition size is at least 75 copies and allow us to explore even higher quality material and exciting formats that will create more unique objects
We will add a reward with a few more copies of Papersafe for "pre-sale" along with some other cool stuff.

9-Feb-2014, 21:33
This is just amazing! We reached our stretch goal of 750$ within 24 hours of posting the update! Thanks to all of you who are helping us make this inaugural issue so great. This means we are able to expand the first issue from 50 to 75 copies which will allow us to send Papersafe to several libraries and collections around the world.

As promised - we have unlocked the special stretch goal rewards, with a few more copies of Papersafe available for "pre sale" along with some special rewards including some cool vintage Jobo label vinyl prints.

Thanks for getting us to this point so fast!

11-Feb-2014, 12:22
Even though there are still almost 2 weeks left on the clock, and even with the increased edition size, almost all of the copies allotted to the "pre-sale" of Papersafe #01: 'Sage' on kickstarter have been claimed! Only a Handful remain - once those are gone - they are gone. The remaining copies will only be available for sale in person at the Prints and Multiples fair, and SPE National (find us at table #22), both in Baltimore 7-9th of March 2014.

Thanks to your support this project has progressed even farther. This has created a super solid foundation on which to build the coming issues of Papersafe (Issue #02 is already in the works, release date TBA) in to the future.

As there are so few copies of Papersafe #01 left as rewards, we have added a few copies Memory Full #3: 'Nice to see you' along with some of the Jobo A4 print vinyl labels. All Memory full sales go towards the Papersafe project.

14-Feb-2014, 11:05
10 days to go - first print copies are here!
We just got some of the very first batch of copies of Papersafe #01: 'Sage' and they look AMAZING, we cant wait to get them out to you. Only 10 days left for our funding campaign, and only 2 copies of Papersafe still available for pre sale, along with some awesome rewards. Help up by spreading the word so we keep the drive going, the more funds we raise now the stronger the foundation for a sustainable, long term Papersafe will be!

See the link for some photo updates:

19-Feb-2014, 14:10
Project Update #8: Super stretch goal - 1500$ - almost there

With all pre sale copies of Papersafe's first issue all gone, we have added a new reward to try and make our super stretch goal of 1500$. There are a few copies of Memory Full #3 still to be had, and in order to help us reach our super stretch goal of 1500$ we have now added an option to get the Memory Full #3 zine along with the super cool vintage Jobo a4 size vinyl label. These are unique labels, and we only have a few of them (some have already been claimed with copies of Papersafe), and when these are gone, they are gone!

Only a few days left - thanks for all your help!

23-Feb-2014, 10:11
24 hours left before our kickstarter funding period is over, and only a few things left to grab for rewards. Help us make the last 24 hours as exciting as the previous 20 days, and lets go out with a bang! Grab a copy of Memory full #3, or a Jobo a4 vinyl label along with a copy of MF3! Every little bit helps - so you can also grab one of our thank you postcard.

Thanks for all who helped - and to all those who made Papersafe the amazing project it has shaped up to be!

Thanks to all the artists who participated and to all of our team who is working hard to make this project so incredible now, and into the future.

24-Feb-2014, 13:50
We did it!

Papersafe's first issue has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and in no small part due to the amazing support from LFPF users, who accounted for almost 14% of the total contributions to this project.

We cannot thank you enough.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in Issue #2 and beyond, and would love to see more of your work published on p\Papersafe.