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Neal Shields
14-Sep-2004, 11:35
I just saw the perfect magazine cover. The cover of this monthís issue of Esquire is decked out with a Deardorff V8 sporting a wide field Ektar in an Ilex shutter, ensconced atop a Ries A-100 tripod. Least I forget, they threw in a leggy curly headed blond for good measure who, except for a pair of silver spiked heals is buck naked.

I just donít think that Photoshop colorized sand dunes will ever make it for me again.

Brian Vuillemenot
14-Sep-2004, 11:42
Here's a link:

http://www.esquire.com/ Funny how my Wisner has never attracted chicks like that....

Frank Petronio
14-Sep-2004, 11:47
They could have used a Wehman and Rosanne...

steve simmons
14-Sep-2004, 12:08
This might cause me to rethink our covers in the future!!

steve simmons

14-Sep-2004, 12:11
S'funny, they don't do this when I get out my Burke and James.

14-Sep-2004, 12:36
and its GISELE!!!!!!

Hey.. you know as they say, it's not about which camera you have, camera is just a tool, it is the photographer that attracts the ladies :)

Donald Brewster
14-Sep-2004, 12:38
Jeez. I have that exact kit and nobody looking remotely like Giselle Bundchen has ever come within a mile of my 'dorff. Great cover btw -- James White is the photographer.

Donald Brewster
14-Sep-2004, 12:50

I'm all for you rethinking your covers, but it you have Kerry Thalmann nude behind his Toho on your cover I'll never buy another VC. ;-)

14-Sep-2004, 13:04
That there is a fine lookin camera.

evan clarke
14-Sep-2004, 13:19
Steve, I have this month's VC..EC

Bruce Watson
14-Sep-2004, 13:20
Very nice. The lens looks to be flawless! Not a bad 'dorff either.

Darin Cozine
14-Sep-2004, 13:44
Mark: there was a camera? I didnt see it..

14-Sep-2004, 14:30
The wife was looking over my shoulder. She didn't buy the comment either.

Jim Galli
14-Sep-2004, 16:43
And Kasaian's worried about the arc of star trails? Mercy, that 'dorff has some arc.

Jim Galli
14-Sep-2004, 17:16
That photog should have left that big 6.3 wide open for focus.

John Flavell
14-Sep-2004, 17:24
Hey now, does that Dorf look level???

Mark Sawyer
14-Sep-2004, 18:03
"That photog should have left that big 6.3 wide open for focus."

The two nude models were posing as the photographer fiddled under the dark cloth. "What's he doing under there?" one model asked the other. "Oh, he's getting ready to focus," she replied. The first model looked surprised, and asked "both of us?"


matthew blais
14-Sep-2004, 19:09
I was wondering what the maximum extension on them there legs is (?)

Shots like that may bring back (more of) the resurgence of LF, or something anyway..

Best thread I ever saw...Thanks for posting!

John Kasaian
14-Sep-2004, 19:51
Ahh, 'dorffs are chick magnets all right.

That cover was probably shot as the fleeting light was just right over Hernandez, New Mexico and the poor photographer (who patiently waited for seventeen months for a primo WF to pop up on Ebay) missed yet another moonrise when Gisele dropped her drawers and horned in asking "is that is a Hasselblad?"

In his anguish, his native american guide probably had to throw a bucket of cold water on him!

Yeah, 'dorffs have that effect on beautiful women.

Those Ebony folks have no idea ;-)

Alex Hawley
14-Sep-2004, 20:08
Knew I shoulda bought a 'Dorff thirty years ago!

14-Sep-2004, 22:21
We can all be thankful that it wasn't ULF.

(Yeah, Jim, nice piece of arc....)

Cesar Barreto
14-Sep-2004, 22:22
Well... I was just thinking: wouldn't be nice to see this picture hanging above our home page? Side-by-side with our most honorable moderator, of course...

John Kasaian
14-Sep-2004, 22:39
Hey, it's about time for for the U.S. Postal Service to issue another Deardorff postage stamp, isn't it???

Dan Ingram
15-Sep-2004, 01:43
Well, that proves it. Size matters.

Greg Miller
15-Sep-2004, 08:33
Did the photographer have to change form his bag bellows to his long bellows?

QT Luong
16-Sep-2004, 21:51
This might cause me to rethink our covers in the future!!

This month's issue had some potential... too bad we were shown mostly
only one half (guess which one ?)
of the dressed/nude diptyches from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders porn stars project. On the other hand,
I suppose that judging from the choice of the cover image for his book TGS knows
what catches attention :-)

Ralph Barker
17-Sep-2004, 12:25
I'm thinking of shooting Paris Hilton behind my "Tacky-hara". ;-)

Jean-Louis Llech
19-Sep-2004, 04:16
"a leggy curly headed blond who, except for a pair of silver spiked heals, is buck naked..."
That's where I understand I am addict, poisoned and accro to large format cameras :
At the first glance I had noticed that the Dorff and the Ries look rather fine, but I did'nt noticed the girl was naked. I had to look again at the page to verify.
Or am I getting older ? ;>)