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3-Feb-2014, 21:08
Hello Everyone!

I'm new to the forum. I have been shooting MF for sometime and am considering moving to LF! Most of my shooting is urban exploring related so I travel and move around a lot. I prefer something light and compact. Therefore I figured the 4x5 range. Many have suggested the Crown Graflex to start. Correct me If I am wrong, but I may pay $200-$500 for this camera and will probably be interested in an upgrade after 2-3 months. I have done some reading on my own and scanned my area. I would rather pay an extra $200-$300 and risk finding something I will be happy with.

There is a local individual who is selling his Horseman 45HF with Sinaron 90mm 4.5 with four film holders. Apparently the porthole was modified in order to accept this lens and others. (An area I will be investigating- I am awaiting pictures, and will check it out first hand) The camera seems to be in good condition. He is asking for $1,000. Seems a little high to me, especially for my first LF. But I rather pick up something I would enjoy than have to worry about selling and re-looking after 2-3 months.

I understand this is a Wide angle, and I am perfectly fine with that, as it is the range I am comfortable with.

I was interested in the opinion of the experienced users here. What do you think would be a fair price for this setup? The camera appears to be in very good condition- it is lightweight, compact, and has a decent wide angle lens from what I understand. Is there something I Can check regarding the integrity of the modification? What would you offer for this setup?

More importantly, based on what you've read, is there anything else that you would suggest for me?


3-Feb-2014, 21:35
Super Graphic is nice camera for what you need. its more solid then Crown, more modern and not near as heavy then Linhofs or Wista so its good to keep as a parallel small, backpack camera even if you have better LF system. i recently picked up Super Graphic with nikkor W 135, all clean for 300$ and with one grafmatic back its perfect walk around town kit. just my 2c