View Full Version : Fujinon S 300mm f/5,6 copal 3

3-Feb-2014, 16:21
Hello, i have received a fujinon S 300mm 5,6 copal 3. i have no information about this lens. Anybody knows its image circle? I want use it for a 8x10 camera. Maybe it is another name or renamed serie. http://www.willwilson.com/fujinonlc2.html


Kirk Fry
3-Feb-2014, 23:40
I found several for sale on the internet. They look kind of like tessar design lenses, a forerunner to fujinon-L lenses. As such they will cover about 350mm, so a little wiggle room on an 8X10 negative (~300mm considering the edges and all). Very likely to be a pretty good lens.

4-Feb-2014, 02:25
Looking at some of the photos of the S version, it doesn't seem to be the same optical formula as what the L has. The L's front barrel diameter is nearly the same diameter as the Copal 3 thread diameter but the S version's front element itself looks wider than that.

The Fujinon-L 300/5.6 is all good on 8x10, right from f/5.6. It's better at infinity than at very close distances, though. Taking the differences in said the dimensions in mind, I'm pretty sure the S is just as good or if not better than the L version.

4-Feb-2014, 13:38
Thanks! I hope it will fit in the camera....

Leonard Robertson
4-Feb-2014, 14:49
I don't know if you have seen this site:


There may be information there to help you.


4-Feb-2014, 18:02
Hi Len,
Yes, i had read that post but unfortunately it is not very specific. i guess, according to willwilson table, my fujinon s could be only a L serie. (300mm, and f/5,6-64). Anyway i have sent an email to fuji...maybe that could be the easiest solution ...