View Full Version : Looking for a 240mm

Wayne Crider
13-Sep-2004, 18:51
I need a 240 with a rear element that will fit thru a 74mm opening. An F5.6 would be great. Needed for portraiture and landscapes. Btw, if anyone knows, will a Kalart adjust to this focal length?

Wayne Crider
13-Sep-2004, 18:57
After a little more thought, maybe a 210mm would be better?

13-Sep-2004, 19:08
Although it is a little outside the scope of what you are looking for, a 203mm f7.7 Kodak Ektar will easily fit and they are fairly inexpensive as well. Whether a Kalart will work well enough with this focal length to suit your purposes I can't say (I don't think you will be able to adjust it to work at near distances). Regards,

Bruce Watson
13-Sep-2004, 19:38
My Fujinon-A 240mm is way smaller than that, but it's an f/9.

Wayne Crider
13-Sep-2004, 20:53
I already have the 203 and the synch is broken. I'd rather a longer lens and keep the 203 as is.

Ted Harris
13-Sep-2004, 21:19
Go with the 240 A

Oren Grad
13-Sep-2004, 21:21
Wayne -

Of the current or recent 210/5.6 plasmats from the major vendors, the Apo-Symmar, Apo-Sironar-N, Apo-Sironar-S, Nikkor W and Fujinon CMW should all fit a 74mm opening. The new Apo-Symmar L will not.

Of the 240/5.6 plasmats, the Apo-Sironar-N and Nikkor W should fit, the Apo-Symmar and Apo-Sironar-S won't. But these lenses all come in a Copal 3 shutter, which is probably overkill for a Graphic...

Jim Galli
13-Sep-2004, 21:42
Or this (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15248&item=3839449709). Just trying to be helpful :>) OK, it's mine. BAD Jim Bad Jim

John Kasaian
13-Sep-2004, 21:51

I've got to agree with Jim Galli, the 240 G Claron is a heck of a sweet lens. If you really want to go long and you've got the bellows for it, you might even look at the 305 G Claron or the 300 Nikkor M, both are known to live in little Copal no.1 shutters which I guess makes them "Atkins Approved" ;-)

Scott Rosenberg
14-Sep-2004, 06:09
another vote for the fujinon 240-a. i find it to be one of my most used lenses. very sharp, contrasty, and compact. i don't find the f/9 to be a hinderance when focusing. give jim at midwest photo a call... he usually has a selection of them.

Ole Tjugen
14-Sep-2004, 06:52
A 240m/5.6 Symar convertible fits nicely - rear element is 60mm wide.

Ted Harris
14-Sep-2004, 07:23
None of us who have mentioned the Fujinon 240 A have really said much about size it seems. This lens is TINY. It is in a #0 shutter and is smaller, repeat smaller, than my Apo Sironar-S 135. In fact it the smallest and lightest lens I own. It will certainly not overburden the front standard of a Graphic and will serve you well with other cameras. I use mine in the field on both 4x5 and 8x10 cameras and in the studio. Working with either modeling lights n the studio or with natural daylight I have absolutely no trouble focusing the lens and unless I look real hard see little or no difference between the brightness of its image and that of 5.6 lenses.

I had a 240 Symmar-S MC in a #3 Prontor Pro for years. Kept it for three years after I got the Fujinon; used it once during those three years. Finally sold it as unnecessary duplication.