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1-Feb-2014, 14:03
Hello everyone,

I just bought a lens and it seems like i already did something wrong.
It was working fine when i was with the seller, shutter fired normally at different speeds and so on.
Now that i'm home i think i just pushed that little button inside(the one far to the left) and the aperture doesn't close anymore, i can't charge the lens or fire it or anything else.

Any kind of help would be appreciated!


1-Feb-2014, 14:10
Looks like an old lens that I don't know much about. First, it is on the "T" setting. So for that you push the shutter release once to open and then a second time to close the shutter. Move it to a specific shutter speed like 1/30". Close the aperture with the aperture lever. Cock the shutter. Then fire.

1-Feb-2014, 14:45
Yea that's my problem, where is the aperture lever? I don't see one

Mark Sawyer
1-Feb-2014, 14:52
Perhaps a focus/preview button or lever is activated, keeping the shutter open?

Steven Tribe
1-Feb-2014, 15:01
I think you turn the ring that has the F settings on it - to match up with a line or arrow. Very modern!

Peter Mounier
1-Feb-2014, 18:14
Guessing here …
On the first picture, the button above the f8 is the preview button. If you pressed it, the shutter will stay open. It will release when you trip the shutter. The shutter release could the knurled knob on the far right side of the barrel on the 3rd picture.

Doremus Scudder
2-Feb-2014, 05:38
Go back to the seller and have him/her give you another lesson on how the lens works. You obviously don't know what you're doing and trying to get help over the Internet with pictures is just not going to cut it. The seller obviously does, since he/she demonstrated it for you.

Sorry to be so frank, but really, stop playing around with it till you know how to operate everything or you will likely damage something.

FWIW, the aperture lever is the small silver piece next to f/8 in your first photo. The button is likely the shutter-opening mechanism. It may work like older Supramatic shutters, i.e., you cock the shutter, push in and hold the button and fire the shutter. The locking mechanism then catches the shutter and holds it open. To close, you re-cock the shutter.

The small lever with the x and m markings is for changing the flash synchronization. You don't need to worry about that now.

Still, I recommend the lesson!

Good luck,


2-Feb-2014, 08:28
Thanks everyone! I guess now i know how everything is supposed to work, the lever works fine, and shutter speeds down to 1/25 work fine too, however the slower speeds are not consistent, I guess it needs a service from a professional, I will meet the seller next week and for sure have a lot to learn. The lens seems to be of exceptional quality with a very large sharp circle(i guess that was expected).

Jim Noel
2-Feb-2014, 12:43
The tab you pushed is the focus button. Pull it up to close the shutter and everything should work fine.