View Full Version : Fomapan 100 failure, reciprocity and Xtol, minimal agitation

1-Feb-2014, 03:55
I've tried some Fomapan 100 and developed 3 sheets in Xtol last night. They came out very nice. Today I've just shot a scene with wide SBR. The shadow was metered at EV 1, and highlight at EV 7++. I decided to shoot at EV 2. At f32 it's 4 min, but I added some mins for reciprocity failure, so it's 10 min. Now after some google search about Fomapan 100 reciprocity failure, I think I underexposed it :(. Would it be that bad? Yes I know I should learn something about this film before shooting it the first time, but I was too excited...

Anyway I will develop it to see what will happen. Xtol minimal agitation (each 5 min), or even semi stand. My question is which dilution? Time? I use Paterson Orbital, and Xtol requires 100ml stock to cover one 8x10 sheet, so the maximum dilution possible would be about 1+5.

PS: Title should be "Fomapan 100, reciprocity failure and Xtol, minimal agitation". I was too confused :D

karl french
1-Feb-2014, 08:28
I found a chart the other day indicating even at 100 seconds Fomapan 100 needs 1600 seconds of exposure. So I think you needed a lot more exposure. I don't even go past 1/2 a second with Fomapan 100.

Regular Rod
1-Feb-2014, 08:47
I use this chart and so far it has been good.



1-Feb-2014, 10:56
Yes I saw the chart. It's crazy!
Actually in three shots I've processed, one is (metered) 8s. I decided to shoot at 14s, and it came out nice. If I followed the chart (56s), I'm sure it would be heavily overexposed. So I think everyone's mileage may vary.