View Full Version : Order of Toning

31-Jan-2014, 07:13
Does it matter what order I tone? Selenium then sodium sulfide or, sodium sulfide THEN selenium?

By matter, I mean, will I do any harm if I DONT get the order right? For example, if I selenium tone first then sulfide will I negate the archival impact I'm after by selenium toning?

I'm assuming it will matter with regards to what the final image appearance will be.

Thanx in advance for the good advice


bob carnie
31-Jan-2014, 07:53
FWIW I do the sepia first and selenium second, you can get the same look either way, as the sepia attacks the highlights first and the selenium attacks the shadows first.

one could argue if you go too far in the first stage with either selenium or sepia you could be affecting the others capability of doing its job. This would be something to consider if you are doing a large series of work and want them all to look the same.

Mark Woods
31-Jan-2014, 10:10
I also tone with the sepia first and the selenium second. I believe Tim Rudman suggests this order too.