View Full Version : enquiry about the postal subscription of magazine

13-Sep-2004, 04:39
hi, Me vinu from kerala"gods own country".I have hobbie of collecting magazins for the library works.so right now i have more than 200 colections of magazines in different part of the world. Q. I just want to know that how can i subscribe your magazine free of cost by postal? I'm working as a marketing executive of a IT solutions company.

13-Sep-2004, 06:51
Yup. Definitely, the Circus is in town....

Jorge Gasteazoro
13-Sep-2004, 07:53
Yep, the insane asylum better start taking a head count...........

Andre Noble
13-Sep-2004, 08:38
I believe you are looking for this site, The
View Camera Magazine (mailto:http://www.viewcamera.com/store.html) subscription page.

Andre Noble
13-Sep-2004, 08:41
http://www.viewcamera.com/store.html (link url)

Andre Noble
13-Sep-2004, 08:42
I give up.

Jacques Augustowski
13-Sep-2004, 17:18
Hi Vinuvijayan, I understand that subscription and mailing cost are prohibitive in India. The necessity for information is very important for a developing country. Tell us what kind of magazines or publications that you are interested. Jacques