View Full Version : Nikon 210 AM ED My new toy

John Conway
30-Jan-2014, 15:18
Can't wait to get this one ! Soon I will be ripping open a box to get out my darling , honey of a lens . I was looking for a 210mm for 4X5. Macro photography with large format is something I have been wanting to get into. So , after considering a few macro lenses , I decided I wanted the Nikon . And thanks to Louis , I got mine at a great price . I am interested in hearing from anyone who uses the Nikon 210 AM . And a few images made with the lens would be really nice see.

4-Feb-2014, 07:16
Really nice lens. Pleasure to use. This on a Canham wood field 5x7, natural light through kitchen windows.

4-Feb-2014, 10:48
I haven't shot mine much yet but will do so soon hopefully. It's nice that it can cover 4x5 at infinity too. I mostly bought to try as an enlarger lens but it should do great at macro too.

John Conway
6-Feb-2014, 19:01
Just received my 210 today and mounted it on a Cambo board. I played with it on my Master PC monorail . Looks like I will be adding another section of rail and maybe even a longer bellows if I work real close with the 210 on 4x5. I was getting close to the maximum extension with my bellows and the 210 AM wanted to get closer. My other option is to use the lens on my C1 with my 4x5 reduction back . Of course using it with the 8x10 back will be nice . I can see I'm going to have fun with this lens.