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30-Jan-2014, 13:35
Hope this is the right forum. After refurbishing my Busch Pressman 4x5 that I bought several years ago, I'm finding that the only cable release that works is one that came with it, a really short metal one. I have tried 7 or 8 other cable releases of different types, they all fit, but will not trigger the shutter. What am I not getting here? Any thoughts, suggestions? I'm using Rapax Synchromatic 135mm and 90mm lenses. Thanks in advance. :confused:

30-Jan-2014, 13:44
It might be that the one that works has a long throw. Could you measure the throw of the cable that works? I was sorting through a few dozen releases just last week. They are still on the table, and I could look for long-throw versions.

Bob Salomon
30-Jan-2014, 13:44
What lens you use is immaterial. This is strictly a shutter problem. You need a long throw release. Have you tried a Gepe one? Most, if not all, modern cable releases have a tapered tip. Your old shutters may need a different tip.

30-Jan-2014, 13:47
Will re-look at the throws on them tonite. I may have to see if our only used camera store has any of the older versions. Thanks.