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30-Jan-2014, 12:07
I'm thinking of buying a Rodenstock Eurynar-Anastigmat 21cm f4.5 and I've tried to search the web for example photos from the lens wide open but haven't found any. Anyone here care to show some? It's the big old brass barrel one from the early 20th century. I would use it for my full plate Reisekamera shooting paper.

C. D. Keth
30-Jan-2014, 13:27
It'll look pretty much like any other anastigmat of similar speed, and example of those are easy to find.

30-Jan-2014, 14:06
The Eurynar is a Dialyte and reputed to be very sharp but a touch prone to flare, better than many Anastigmats of the period used carefully. I've only used mine a few times and it is very sharp, no examples at the moment as I'm in the middle of moving.


30-Jan-2014, 15:48
Thank you both! So it's not a dreamy swirly wonder wide open then. Sharp with flare sounds great though!

Chauncey Walden
30-Jan-2014, 16:39
My Eurynar is very sharp and I haven't shot it wide open but would expect it to be sharp then also. Haven't noticed any flare but I always use a shade. If you want the swirlies, start with a petzval, especially one too short for your format.

31-Jan-2014, 01:36
Thank you both! So it's not a dreamy swirly wonder wide open then. Sharp with flare sounds great though!

It'll not flare all the time, rather that with 8 air/glass surfaces it's more prone to flare than say a Tessar with its 6 air/glass surfaces or a Dagor with 4 air/glass surfaces, contrast may drop very slightly though. As Chauncey says above a good lens hood will help a lot.

Should be an interesting lens to shoot with, some nice out of focus rendering, I don't use that awful US word :D


15-Feb-2014, 17:08
I picked it up today and opened it up for some cleaning. I have high hopes for this one, clean and crisp on the inside and worn on the outside. Thanks for all the info!

13-Sep-2014, 04:12
Just for the record a quick example from an 13.5cm Εurynar wide open but this is just the center of the coverage as it was taken on m4/3...sorry but i don't own large format gear.