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John Conway
28-Jan-2014, 16:45
I have been thinking about playing with really old , expired black and white film. I'm talking 1940's and 50's expiration unopened Super XX. I had some success with 1970 type 52 Polaroid. I did really long exposures and the prints were low contrast and a kind of funky sepia. They were very unique. Anyone try film that old ?

Liquid Artist
28-Jan-2014, 17:56
I buy old, outdated film whenever I find it and get nice results around 1/2 the time.

I actually shot 2 sheets fo Super XX around 2 weeks ago that happened to be in a film holder someone gave me. One sheet turned out pretty good, except very grainy. However the other side looked like it had been exposed to the sun.

29-Jan-2014, 02:43
This shot was taken last year on 5x7 Gevaert Ultra Panchro that expired in 1944.



John Conway
29-Jan-2014, 05:00
Nice . I like it .