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Randy Redford
11-Sep-2004, 16:46
I need a 210 that will cover an 8x10. Mine vignettes the corners without any movements. I am not interested in one of the huge lenses, but am interested in whether or not the 210mm G Claron will cover with any movements. I know the specs by Schneider say it is way short, but am interested in hearing from those of you who actually use it with 8x10 (if any of you do) and what your experiences have been. Any other comperable 210's that you know about would also be appreciated. Thanks.

tim atherton
11-Sep-2004, 17:00
the g glaron will just cover at f22/32 with maybe 1" or so of movement if I recall from mine.

Much better, try and hunt down a Kowa/Kyvytar 210 f9/6.8 (or the Computar f9) - often found in barrel, but usually mounts straight into a shutter.

Even smaller than the claron, tack sharp with about 280/400mm image circle I think - there was a long thread on here about them a couple of months or so ago.

My most used lens is the Kowa.

11-Sep-2004, 17:45
Eskefot-ultragon 210mm/9 covers quite nicely with room to spare. The problem is they dont screw right into Copal 1. maybe a deciding factor for you..i love min. small, light and sharp..

11-Sep-2004, 17:45
I don't think it is huge thus a 210 Process Nikkor will cover 8x10 with loads of movement. Probably the sharpest 210 for 8x10 around.

Francesco (www.cicoli.com)

tim atherton
11-Sep-2004, 18:03

Ted Harris
11-Sep-2004, 21:04
Why not consider the Fuji 240 A. Tiny tiny, sharp sharp and covers 8x10 nicely.

Jim Galli
11-Sep-2004, 21:06
210 G-Claron is very useable. As is an 8 1/4" Dagor and a 7 7/8" double Protar if you're lucky enough to stumble into either of those. The Kowa/Computar/Kyvytar f9 210 is fabulous but difficult to locate and can be expensive because Tim keeps telling everybody how great they are. He's right, they are! Don't get the Symmetrigon. Nice lens but only for 4X5 or 5X7. Barrel lenses that work great are Konica Hexanon GRII 210 f9, JML 8 1/4" f9 (or is it f8?) and an Ilex Wide Angle Process 8 1/4 that is like f5.6 and the one I have rocks. Kodak's wide field Ektar 190 is a fave of some, not me. I've had 2 and passed them both on to new homes. Why? Not sure.

Brian Ellis
11-Sep-2004, 21:19
This question has been asked and answered quite a few times here. If you go to the archives you should be able to find previous responses. In a nutshell, the 210 G Claron will cover 8x10 from F16 on down. The design of the G Claron is such that the more you stop down the greater the coverage. At F22 you have some room for movements, at F64 you have quite a lot of room. I think that in one of the responses when this question was asked before somebody gave numbers for the size of the image circle at the various apertures, you might be able to find that message in the archives if you want specifics. I know that I used movements with the lens on my Deardorff 8x10 and never vignetted.

Gem Singer
11-Sep-2004, 21:40
Hi Randy,

The Rodenstock 210 Apo Sironar-S has a 316mm. image circle, is mounted in a Copal 1 shutter, and takes a 72mm. screw-in filter. It is a relatively small lens that is capable of covering the 8X10 format with minimal movements.

You may want to consider using a slightly longer lens than a 210 for more movement capability, without an increase in the size and weight of the lens. I am using a Fujinon 250 CM-W as my slightly wider than normal lens for 8X10. It is almost identical in size and weight to my Fuji 210 CM-W, which doesn't cover the 8X10 format. Both of these Fuji lenses are mounted in Copal 1 shutters, and both utilize 67mm. screw-in filters. The 250 is only slightly heavier in weight than the 210. The Fujinon 240A is another small, light weight lens that covers the 8X10 format. There is a difference between the image sizes of the 210 and the 240/250 lenses on the 8X10 format, but not enough to matter.

Christian Olivet
11-Sep-2004, 23:08
The G-Claron 210 I have covers just fine at f22, but the slightlest tilt will vignette the corners. I got a G-240 instead and problem solved.

austin granger
12-Sep-2004, 09:51
I use the G-Claron 210 for 8x10 and as everyone else has said, it covers when stopped down, but not by much. I find when using it I have to keep reminding myself to go easy and watch the corners, especially when tilting or rising. In any case, if I could do it all over, I would probably go with the fuji 240 instead, as mentioned by Ted Harris above.

Darin Cozine
12-Sep-2004, 10:43
do the Escofot Ultragon lenses have separate elements that unscrew from the barrel? If so what is the size of the threads front/back?

12-Sep-2004, 12:19
Darin.. Removing the elements from eskefot is not that easy.. when you unscrew the front element, glass comes off on its own.. not in a barrel.. same with the rear element. so if one want to put this in a shutter one also has to fabricate barrels to screw lens elements into.

N Dhananjay
12-Sep-2004, 20:44
Alternative approach for the Ultragon is to front mount it on a large shutter. It is a good lens and covers 8x10 well. Cheers, DJ

Donald Brewster
14-Sep-2004, 13:03
210 Schneider Angulon if you can find one. Comes in a Copal 3 though.