View Full Version : Lens for 6x10

11-Sep-2004, 16:38
Would someone advice on what lens to use for a Wisner 6x10/4x5 set-up. This will be my first lens and I like to do landscape and interior architectual images.

Many thanks.....

Ernest Purdum
11-Sep-2004, 20:18
If my weak math is correct, the diagonal of 6" X 10" is 296mm (not allowing for borders, etc.), so you'll need a lens with an image circle at least that big to cover, preferably larger so that you can use your movements. Essentially, these are 8" X 10" lenses, since the 8" X 10" diagonal is only 29mm larger. There are many available and the choice is very personal. The first thing you need to decide is how wide an angle of view you want. The next factor might be choosing between the portability of the slower lenses or the easy viewing and focusing of the larger aperture types.

Jim Galli
11-Sep-2004, 21:15
If you can afford the 6X10 you can likely afford the Schneider 110XL. 150 XL would still be wide and would give lots of movements for the architectural stuff.

John Kasaian
11-Sep-2004, 21:16

I've never tried 6x10 but I agree with Ernest that you'll be looking for an 8x10 lens, and the angle of view you're seeking comes into play in a big way, as does budget and if you'll be making contacts or enlarging. A good place to start looking might be the f/9 G-Claron line, anywhere from the 210mm on up to the 355mm and the Nikkor M series. If you want a faster lens, take a look at Commercial Ektars---maybe I'm weird but I really like them, as well as Goerz RD Artars from 14" on up to as long as you've got bellows. For a really wide lens, the Wollensak 159mm f/9.5 "yellow dot" is hard to beat for the money. Good Luck!

Michael Jones
12-Sep-2004, 06:38

When I used my 6x10 I borrowed a 72mmSchneider; it barely covered and made the image way too close for my taste (you could almost see you toes). I backed off to a 120 Super Angulon and that was plently wide and covered well, allowing movements. Plus if you stay with the 120, it also works nicely on the 4x5 back. It is also in a Copal #1 shutter which does not overpower your front standard, which is an important consideration. You can also use a 210mm G Claron. With this format, you will be surprized how you do not need an extreme wide angle lens for a wide, panoramic image. My vote is on the 120. Good luck.