View Full Version : Pulling Tmax 400 to 100 with TMAX RS times?

26-Jan-2014, 16:48
Tinkering with TMAX 400 pulled to 100 with TMAX RS, im tray processing and the starting points feel a little short and im thinking of start at 5min but at 68 degrees. Any have any start points for pulling tmax 400 to 100 they light? I have 6 test sheets so I going to just do a spread and see what I get. I'm just not sure how TMAX RS responds to temperature changes. I thought about diluting it but if I remember right film speed stays about the same. Might even go down to 65 just so I can have a longer dev time. Thoughts?

26-Jan-2014, 17:34
For what it's worth, inspired by your last series of posts, I shot some TMax 400 at 100 and developed it in hangers (normal agitation, not constant as in trays) in D76, 5' @ 68 degrees, and liked the way it worked. That's 1/3 off the recommended time.


26-Jan-2014, 19:52

26-Jan-2014, 20:34
I ended up going extreme after a few tests I ended up at 62 degrees for 5 mins, density looks pretty good. I shot 6 test 4x5s and 7 rolls of 120, wrapping up the rolls now and looking good so far. I will post a few if they don't suck :)