View Full Version : Sierra Nevada without the Sierra

John Kasaian
25-Jan-2014, 22:24
I was thinking of going up to Yosemite tomorrow for quick photo trip. Has anyone been up there lately? The lack of snow must be, well...unique. My main objectives are Mariposa Grove and Happy Isles and the meadow at the West end of the Valley. Maybe a quickie down 120 to Mariposa if I still have light. Any suggestions?

Jim Fitzgerald
26-Jan-2014, 00:08
John, June and I just got back. Snow on the south side of the valley. Check the shadows of the Merced for ice. It is still there as of MLK day. Also check out Wawona. The creek with the backlit ice was amazing. Did not have time to stop but wish I had. 26 at night and 62 during the day and they are praying for snow. South side of the valley is about 30 degrees cooler and the huge reflector ( El Capitan) gives you golden light all day! Enjoy!!