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25-Jan-2014, 12:33
I'm heading down to Argentina / Bolivia in November for a large format B&W assignment. Due to the demise of ready loads and fear of exposed film in boxes being ruined by border security opening them, I'm wondering if any high quality B&W labs are still in business in Argentina. I'm guessing I'd have at least 200 sheets of 4x5 B&W.

Not to be rude, but given the way questions are often answered without an answer to the question...
Please don't reply with your theories and opinions on border security, or bringing film back to the states for processing. I've spent enough time in foreign countries looking at the business end of an AK-47 to know sheet film can be a problem ! I also don't need comments on switching to digital.


matthew blais
25-Jan-2014, 14:58
Did you google? There's several labs there. Make the calls...

David Lobato
25-Jan-2014, 15:24

26-Jan-2014, 05:58
Seriously ? Did I google ? People like you are what makes these boards frustrating.
Of course I googled, but I want to know about good labs people trust, "local knowledge", the type of which you obviously don't have. I also can't read Spanish, and the Google translation pages aren't very helpful, so looking at lab web pages isn't very helpful.
I debated replying to your ridiculous, insulting and annoying answer, but I think I speak for many members of this forum when I say...if you can't post a helpful answer, don't reply. Speaking of replies, I won't be doing that to any of your future witty comments.

Thanks for linking that. I saw it before posting and should have noted I was looking for newer info as
Those are several years old. Your reply and effort is greatly appreciated.


Re old posts thanks, I saw those but hoped for newer info as those are several years old.

26-Jan-2014, 08:59
Is there a way of finding out if LF photographers on this forum live in Argentina? As an alternative to a lab you might be able to hook up with one of them for your processing while there.

You didn't mention this in your OP but is it possible to ship the undeveloped film back home via a trusted carrier such as DHL, UPS, your airline, etc. as opposed to bringing it back home?

Having never looked at the wrong end of an AK-47 are security folks really afraid of a little old box of 4x5 sheet film? Wow.

26-Jan-2014, 09:18
I also can't read Spanish

Do you speak and understand spoken Spanish? If not, you will likely find travel in Bolivia difficult.

26-Jan-2014, 09:20
Having never looked at the wrong end of an AK-47 are security folks really afraid of a little old box of 4x5 sheet film? Wow.

There are places in this world where we travelers are shown the business end of a military rifle for simply being there. Last time this happened to me was at the Israel-Jordan border crossing. It can really get interesting (in South America) if the dogs smell coffee beans in your backpack.