View Full Version : Toho RH-84F

Markham Johnson
10-Sep-2004, 23:37
Has anyone used a Toho RH-84F 8x10 to 4x5 film reducing back? It is inserted into the back of an 8x10 camera and allows for the use of 4x5 holders. Anybody????

Ralph Barker
11-Sep-2004, 19:43
I don't have a Toho, Markham, but it appears the Toho RH84F is a reducing holder rather than the usual reducing back. It allows the use of 4x5 Fuji QuickLoad or conventional holders within the 8x10-holder-size frame provided by RH-84F.

You can see pictures on this page at the Toho site: http://www.toho-machine.co.jp/Reducing.htm

Ralph Barker
11-Sep-2004, 19:47
Correction: the RH-84F appears to be strictly for the Fuji QuickLoad holder, and the RH-84 for conventional holders.