View Full Version : Anyone ever seen lenses by the French maker AFR ?

24-Jan-2014, 08:31
Another question to the collective wisdom here…

I have in hand an 11cm f/6.8 brass-bound Anastigmat Symètrique (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heritagefutures/sets/72157639542907716/) by the French maker AFR Paris. There are a few AFR lenses on the net, and there is a brief mention in the Vademecum but I am struggling to find any meaningful info on the maker. To date I can't even resolve the abbreviation AFR... What I could find has been pulled together HERE (http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/User:Heritagefutures/WorkSpace6#AFR) in draft form.

Any help, leads or suggestions would be most happily received

Steven Tribe
24-Jan-2014, 13:24
My guess is that it is an agency, which finances and sells lenses.

Perhaps like Laverne and MF (Manafactur Francais) did.

There was an organisation called SGO ( something like that - I don't have material with me - Societie generel d'Optic).
Abreviations were very popular around 1900 - Busch used ROIA in Germany too.

24-Jan-2014, 22:34
My guess is that it is an agency, ... like Laverne and MF (Manafactur Francais).
That's certainly a possibility and had occurred to me. What makes me wonder is why there is so little on them. With Manufrance we have catalogues and lots of other data..will keep digging of course..