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Daniel Stone
23-Jan-2014, 00:42
Hey all,

I just took delivery of a few Kodak/Wratten/LEE 4x4" gels. Mostly warming, but some others as well. I've been using the LEE system, but would like to find some frames.

Having seen slip-in metal ones before, this is NOT what I'm after. I'm after the ones that were glued internally, so the filter is permanently installed into the frame. I know they're "fragile", but I plan to keep them in a cd slip-case when not in use anyhow, so somewhat protected.

Thinking that thin, black plastic might work best for this. Any ideas? Should thin cardstock suffice? It needs to be thick enough to slip into the LEE filter holder, but not slip out.


23-Jan-2014, 02:07
I wonder if the people who make/made the Lindahl Bell-O-Shade matte box has something for you. The matte box uses 4x4" filters so they could have an empty 4x4" frame into which you could place your gels.

Bob Salomon
23-Jan-2014, 03:57
Linhof 002013 Set of 4x4 filter frames, cardboard.

Michael Graves
23-Jan-2014, 06:01
Lee has the plastic ones that snap together. I rather like those. I have several of the Calumet cardboard frames that have the glue and several of the Lee holders. I prefer the Lee 10 to 1.


23-Jan-2014, 06:43
I like the Lee frames, too – Lee frames would match your Lee holder.

The filters may require some tailored snipping, but should work fine.

Lee's serpentine filter slots come in two widths, 2mm and 4mm. The smaller 2mm size is for frameless polyester. The larger 4mm size is for framed polyester, and resin.

John Kasaian
23-Jan-2014, 07:12
I have self-adhesive cardstock frames for my Lee filters that work fine for me.
IIRC I bought them at Calumet, possibly at the Hollywood location.
IIRC I've got extras, if could you use some I'll go on a hunt for them.

23-Jan-2014, 09:42
Check with Calumet to see if they still carry these in the cardboard. They were and are terrific. Also, These come up on ebay once in awhile, so just keep your eyes open there under the calumet search.

Good luck.

Daniel Stone
23-Jan-2014, 12:43
thanks everyone, I completely forgot about the LEE snap-together ones. 10 frames should be more than enough to satisfy my needs right now, and $2/ea isn't that bad in the long run IMO.