View Full Version : Schneider Xenar 4.5/150mm

Lot Wouda
14-Oct-1999, 16:46
Anyone familiar with this lens? Suitable for 4*5, quality, impressions? It's in Copal Press #1, fastest is 1/125. Number: 12149289. Thanks in advance for your c omments.

Ron Shaw
14-Oct-1999, 17:04
Check this site for good info on lenses. http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html

Tito Sobrinho.
17-Oct-1999, 12:39
Hi,Lot: The Xenar is the version of the Zeiss' Tessar. Very sharp but with limited movements. Yes it covers the 4x5 format but it is more suitable for a press camera. Best, Tito.