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pierre salomon
21-Jan-2014, 11:13
Hi All
After a week of searching and reading I still cannot find the answer to my question: Is there any major optical difference between No 2A and No 1AA of this B&L magic lantern lens made for Edison Manuf. Co. similar to this photo? As usual I"ll be delighted to share your knowledge.
Pierre Salomon

Steven Tribe
21-Jan-2014, 12:39
You are about to be moved to the lens sub-forum by someone who decides these things.

Unless someone has a big collection of these or old internal documents from B & L, I fear an answer will not be forthcoming.
Usually, the numbers with one two or three "As" are intermediate sizes between 1 and 2, 2 and 3 etc. But B&L might be different.

pierre salomon
21-Jan-2014, 14:17
Thank you Steven.