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20-Jan-2014, 18:59
My darkroom situation is temporary right now and I need to minimize storage. I already switched my developer to liquid concentrate which is great. I wish I could do the same with fixer and print developer.

I've been using Arista rapid fixer diluted 1+9 and used one-shot. It's not the cheapest but the convenience is worth it. Now what about print developer? Is there any scratch-mix or liquid concentrate print developers? It would be great if I could just get a Rodinal for paper. Along those lines, can I actually use Rodinal for paper, maybe by adding some extra ingredients?

20-Jan-2014, 20:05
Yes. http://www.freestylephoto.biz/category/12-Chemicals/Black-and-White-Chemicals?attr%5B%5D=30-142&attr%5B%5D=45-255

Tim Meisburger
20-Jan-2014, 20:54
Yes, you can use rodinal as a paper developer. For dilution try 1 to 50, or 1 to 20. Good discussion here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/31965-parodinal-print-developer.html

For fixer, you can use plain hypo. Just get the crystals and mix as needed.

20-Jan-2014, 21:09
See, I've been told that using sodium thiosulfate by itself would not be satisfactory without other ingredients. I don't recall why.

Tim Meisburger
20-Jan-2014, 21:24
No, it works fine. Its all I ever use. Modern fixers are rapid, or include hardeners that are really unnecessary with modern emulsions. Just fix for five minutes for film, one minute for prints.