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Arne Croell
19-Jan-2014, 07:49
Hi everybody, does anybody know when Ilex switched their shutter face plate design to the modern font and the blue box outline around the shutter times, as shown in the attached image? Or if there is a list of serial number vs. age for their shutters somewhere - the one shown has 40221/814 or /614 (so far I haven't found anything)?



Louis Pacilla
19-Jan-2014, 10:04
Hey Arne

After looking through various Calumet & B&J catalogs from 1965-1970, I found the 1st appearance of the late style Ilex shutter face in 1970 Calumet catalog. However, of the many Ilex shutters in this 1970 Calumet catalog I could find only the Caltar 215mm f4.8 lens in the later style face. I would guess that 1969-70 would be the general time frame for the change over but I'm sure Ilex used the previous style face until they where gone.

This is a best guess based on the little detective work so please take it w/ a grain.:rolleyes:

Arne Croell
19-Jan-2014, 10:33
Great, thanks Louis!

19-Jan-2014, 16:51
Hi Arne,
Sometime in the Mesozoic, I expect. :)

Dan Fromm
19-Jan-2014, 17:28
Wilhelm, those dinosaurs -- electronically timed version -- are still made by CVI Melles Griot.