View Full Version : Anyone ever heard of a Wista 4x5 Wood field XM?

Mark DeMulder
14-Oct-1999, 15:54
I have an opportunity to buy a Wista 4x5 wood field camera Model XM. I can't fi nd any descriptions of how feature of the XM as opposed to say, the DX or DXII. Can any describe the features of the XM? By the way the asking price is $599. Is this in line?

14-Oct-1999, 22:48
Are you sure it is a true Wista camera? The Tachihara 4X5's model number is "XM" . Wista may have at one time used the Tachihara and put their name on it.

Georges Pelpel
1-Nov-1999, 20:57
The Wood Field XM is a camera built by Tachihara and sold by Calumet (now discontinued). It is identical to the Tachihara but was sold at a higher price. Wista makes its own cameras now called the DX, DXII, and DXIII. The design is somewhat similar to the Tachihara but with much better construction. It is also more expensive.