View Full Version : Using custom sizes with 9600

Gary Duehr
9-Sep-2004, 05:46
When using custom sizes, such as 22x30, with the 9600 and Ultrachrome inks, the print head pauses for 15 sec. at the last half-inch of the image, then finishes by printing a slightly darker band of ink. Has anyone else noticed this problem, and found a way around it? So far Epson techies are stumped. Thanks!

Paul Butzi
9-Sep-2004, 06:24
Does this happen at other sizes? I print all sorts of weird sizes, virtually all of them are 'custom' in the sense that I had to enter the paper size I'm using, and I've never hit this problem.

Can you offer more details? Is this printing on roll paper or on sheets? How do you have the paper cutter set? Are you using the Epson printer driver, or a RIP? Is 22x30 the paper size or the image size?

Gary Duehr
9-Sep-2004, 10:54
Hi Paul,

It does happen at other sizes. I'm using the Epson driver. 22x30 is the paper size. (No problem with roll paper.) So far it looks like this problem occurs when the image size exceeds 11x22" and gets too close to the paper border. I suspect a sensor. Epson techies are continuing to research.