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Klaus Esser
8-Sep-2004, 09:33

Iīm looking for a lensboard of a Linhof Technar for 75, 90 or 120 Super Angulon. Or a way to find an equivalent type, maybe.

greetings from Germany, Klaus

btw: great site!

Frank Petronio
8-Sep-2004, 13:28
It's the same as the current Linhof monorail cameras (not the Technika). Search on eBay or buy new from a dealer. The lenses you mention are probably size "0" holes.

David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2004, 13:53
The Technar is a wideangle camera. It's listed on the Linhof website, but I don't think it's in current production--


If I were looking for a new camera of this type, I would consider the Cambo Wide DS.

Klaus Esser
8-Sep-2004, 14:16
Frank, David!

Thanx for your response! Iīve got the frame, the back, the lenses with focusing-rings, and a grip. The only things i need so far are the boards for each lens. I canīt find it here - Linhof hasnīt them any more. Iīll get a viewfinder next week. If i canīt find any iīm gonna have someone to build some tubes and fit them onto a flat board, which i have also and i would screw the focusing rings with the lenses into the tubes. But i would like the original boards better . . .

best, Klaus

David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2004, 14:48
I misread your post. You just need the lensboards. I think having the extension tubes made up by a machinist is probably the answer.

Bob Salomon
8-Sep-2004, 15:04
The Technar will accept the Kardan lensboards. These are available in flat boards as 001080 fo 0, 001081 for 1 and 001083 for 3 size shutters (older versions of these boards came with a pilot hole only as 001080 also. The recessed version is 001089. This board is not made with the cone that the Technar requires. You could make your own cone on these boards by adapting the Wista Extension Lensboard set or by using Heliopan long and short metal lens hoods. However with the Heliopan hoods you would have to fashion a system to mate to the focus mount of your lens. The Wista set comes with 0, 1 and 3 lens boards.

As noted by someone else the Technar is no longer manufactured.

Klaus Esser
8-Sep-2004, 15:58
Hey Bob!

Thatīs one great idea! I didnīt think about looking at Wista. Thank you!

best, Klaus

Bob Salomon
8-Sep-2004, 16:13
The easiest way to use the Wista would be to get the one for the Technika and get a Kardan to Technika adapter board.