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14-Jan-2014, 16:40

Hoping someone cane help. After developing and drying, my 5x4 transparencies are curled. Some more than others. It doesn't happen with any of my B&W negs. I've tried putting them in sleeves, leaving books on them for sometimes days but they still spring back. I'm using a Mod54 in a paterson tank. Using tetenal.

Any advice?


14-Jan-2014, 17:02
you and me both.
I have a similar issue discussed here (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?109816-E6-and-expert-drums-why-curled-film&highlight=vinny).

14-Jan-2014, 17:11
Is it any transparency emulsion, or just one film type?

Also, is it possible to post a digi-shot of a curled sheet?

Sometimes, what it actually looks like will trigger an easy explanation or solution from one of our local experts.

14-Jan-2014, 17:18
I feel your frustration Vinny :(

14-Jan-2014, 17:36
It varies. I've had fresh velvia curl, expired ektachrome and expired velvia all do it. Tonight for example, I processed two velvia 50 (exp) and two Ektachrome 100

Strangely enough, I'm having a problem with 120 roll film too. This is also happening with Ektar. I process at 100 deg, washes at 100 deg. I hang to dry in the shower.

I've attached an image. Left to right. 100VS, 100plus Velvia 50 for the other 3. These were all processed at the same time.


14-Jan-2014, 17:52
Those images provide excellent evidence for the forum jury.

I think the springing back even after "weight treatment" is a telling clue.

Are the sheets curled before you hang them to dry, or do they curl in the process of drying?

Also, if you've ever used a vendor for E6 for the same batch of film, did you see the same curling?

14-Jan-2014, 18:33
the film is staying curled from being curled while in your processor. Since the majority of labs use some sort of dip/dunk system with film clips/hangers, the film is kept flat. Mine do flatten out eventually and since I drum scan, the curl isn't an issue for scanning but a pain for viewing on a light box.

15-Jan-2014, 13:52
roll film can be even worse. I have had one side almost touching the other a few times. With roll film I keep it under control a bit by clamping the end on both sides with something flat.
Letting the shower run for a bit more than usual so the booth is very humid seems to work well too, but this might be a myth and a fluke on my part.

16-Jan-2014, 16:17
Hi Heroique, the film is curled when it comes out the tank before drying. I haven't used a film lab for a long time so I haven't tested this avenue. I think all the 5x4 labs have gone where I live.