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paul owen
7-Sep-2004, 13:47
Thought some of you might be interested in some new offerings from Ebony. There is now an RW810 (8x10 format) ideally suited to landscape work with plenty of bellows too. Also a very nice holdall for your gear! All specs on their web site

7-Sep-2004, 21:21
Maybe time to re-finance my house?

Desperate Sam
7-Sep-2004, 21:56
That's good news Paul. Thanks for the info. I've been looking for the easiest and quickest to set-up and use new 8x10 compactly folding camera that is 12 pounds or less, that is of more consisently high build quality than a Wisner or Zone VI. I've looked at Canham (as my personal preference I prefer round nobs than the Canhams controls, and a more rigid camera), Phillips (not readily available, may not be as quite easy or quick to use), and Toyo metal field (heavy, no handle, no levels), and Tachihara (too many rear focus and lock controls, beautifully made, but may not be that durable).

From the Ebony website it appears that the new Ebony RW810 seems to have the movements I need (simple, mainly for landscape and very light duty for architecture and table top). Also, by being simplified from the other models like the SV810, it is less expensive, lighter, and perhaps a bit quicker to set up and use.

I raised some money from the sale of my medium format and 4x5 equipment, so I'll take the plunge on the new Ebony.

David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2004, 06:03
Is that new bag sourced from f/64? Externally, it looks a lot like the two large f/64 bags I have.