View Full Version : inca 4x5 camera

7-Sep-2004, 08:37
i would like to know where i can get more info on inca 4x5 monorail cameras.

Ellis Vener
7-Sep-2004, 08:45
Try seaching for Inka , not Inca.

12-Sep-2004, 02:48

Inka was a Dutch camera manufacturer (like Cambo). They must be out of the photography business now at least a decade.

Apparently they where compatible to Sinar accesoirces.

My last info is that Inka is still in business (fine-mechanics) I spoke the owner a few years ago and he claimed owning all drawings and beeing able to produce spare-parts when needed. I can't find the company anymore using google though.

once a year an Inka pops up for sale, nice camera's in their days, but very rare as they never gained a decent marketshare.