View Full Version : Mounting flange for 14 1/2" Verito

Jay DeFehr
6-Sep-2004, 15:06
A friend has made me a beautiful new lensboard for my 14 1/2" Wollensak Verito, and I can't bear to mount it using the same rubber strips and radiator hose clamps that I used for my own lensboard. Does anyone know where I could find a proper mounting flange for this beast?

Jim Rice
6-Sep-2004, 15:35
Have you tried Jim at Midwest? The classic answers never die.

ronald moravec
6-Sep-2004, 17:11
S K Grimes.com. His sons are running the business.

David A. Goldfarb
6-Sep-2004, 17:35
It's a 4" flange. As the others have recommended, mpex.com (to find one in a box of old flanges) and skgrimes.com (to fabricate a new one) are good bets.

Jay DeFehr
6-Sep-2004, 18:36
Thanks guys. If the box of old flanges doesn't pan out, I guess I'll have to pony up for a new one.