View Full Version : Jobo repair in Australia?

Paul Ewins
11-Jan-2014, 17:26
Does anyone know of someone who repairs Jobo equipment in Australia? My CPP2 needs at least one new circuit board so they will need access to factory service parts. I know CR Kennedy used to distribute them, but there is no sign of a Jobo logo on their website any more.

I am in Melbourne but it is just the head that needs repair so it is easy enough to post that to another city.

11-Jan-2014, 18:20
We can help.
We have all 220V spare parts for the CPP2, and will gladly provide guidance as needed to help you get your processor up and running again.
Feel free to contact us directly to see how we can help.

Paul Ewins
11-Feb-2014, 16:12
A short update, mainly for the benefit of fellow Australian Jobo users. After a short email conversation with Omer at CatLABS I elected to mail the control unit of the CPP to Chicago for him to repair. The cost of the repair and some minor servicing was quite reasonable. Postage back and forth was a bit over AUD$200, but as you can see the turn around time was under a month which is what it usually takes for any camera repair locally anyway. All up the cost was less than half of what the last couple of CCP2 processors sold for on eBay and mine should now soldier on for years to come. The customer service and repairs were first class and I wouldn't hesitate to send something to CatLABS again.