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11-Jan-2014, 07:19
I am looking for a place to get my shutters cleaned up. I tried the women here in Calif but her email bounced back at me. Any other recommends would be greatly appreciated Craig

11-Jan-2014, 08:57
what about the phone #?http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com/ContactUs.htm

Carol Flutot
11-Jan-2014, 21:52
Madmax Please try to email me again or you can call me
During the week. Direct email is flutotscamera@earthlink.net

John Schneider
11-Jan-2014, 21:58
Carol is the best!

11-Jan-2014, 22:02

I have used only Carol for several years now with absolute satisfaction. She is the greatest.

AJ Edmondson
12-Jan-2014, 10:38
An absolute gem... worth the wait, or you can opt for priority (at added cost - also worth it). Carol does a superb job and is a pleasure to do business with!


12-Jan-2014, 15:51
Thank You Carol not sure what went wrong I will call you

14-Jan-2014, 18:17
Plus 1 for Carol. She has done at least 10 shutters for me.