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Bruce Werner
5-Sep-2004, 21:39
Does anyone have any information on the Globuscope Hand Held 4x5 View Camera??

David A. Goldfarb
6-Sep-2004, 06:40
Did they make one? I thought they were known mainly for a 360-degree rotating panoramic camera.

Frank Petronio
6-Sep-2004, 07:01
I think it was along the lines of the Sinar Handy, CamboWide, Linhof Technar, etc.

1-Nov-2004, 19:34
There's a photo of the Globuscope 4X5 in Joseph Meehan's book "Panoramic Photography" on page 114. jc

Peter Martin
25-Nov-2004, 08:33
4X5 Globuscope camera is a stamped stainless steel "body" to which is attached a thumbscrew friction locking sliding focus mount holding a JML optical 65mm SuperWideAngle lens in a copal 0 shutter. It's the smallest WA 4X5 I've seen, the focusing mount is the weak point in the design from my perspective... I've modified mine to take 6 shot Graphmatic backs and found a Mamiya 7 wide angle finder with a bubble level visible in the finder. I haven't used it much for a while, but just "limbered" it up with a Gitzo monopod and TriX film. Neat thing (other than the size) is that the JML lens covers the 4X5 field without needing a graduated filter. Something about the lens design, the rear element is way larger than the front. Neat camera. Take out the _NO_SPAM_ in the email if you want to contact me for more info. Makes a great "street" negative.

Gene Sellers
22-Sep-2005, 12:20
I've got a Globuscope. It's a very handy little point-and-shoot, but a monopod or shoulder stock is definitely in order. I use mine with Quickloads or Readyloads. I've read in about a dozen places that this particular 65mm lens is designed so that it doesn't require a central ND filter, but that is certainly NOT true with mine. Without a central ND filter, it acts the same as any other 65mm lens--very dark around the edges.

15-Jun-2011, 12:12
This is late to the thread but,
I have a 4X5 Globuscope one as well. I contacted Marty Roberts @ JML optics. He informed me that 50-65 mm f:8 Super Wides were ordered.The camera originally was sold without a lens. Gerard Robinson machined various mounts for people who supplied their own lenses. Super Angulons and Nikkor 65mm f:4 Superwides were installed on quite a number of these units. He even adapted one to a moving table and 70mm film. A modern circuit camera.
The three Globus brothers each got a camera Serial #'s 001/002/003. I must have been the second sale because I have serial#005. Who has 004? I found the lens to be slower than f:8, closer to f:11. Although a centre filter was needed with chromes, black and white and colour negatives were printable with dodging and burning. I had the camera modified to take a Sinar Zoom back which made lovely 6X12 negatives. The camera had an optional bad (almost optical) viewfinder, and an optional plastic pistol grip.
I am modifying the camera for faster MF lenses for use with a Betterlight Super 6 K HS and pano adapter to make modern digital panoramas without stitching.
Grant Kernan AKA Adamphotoman

23-Jun-2011, 23:19
Here is the not so hand held version...
tripod with a betterlight Super 6K
and lenses?
Check it out