View Full Version : Filters for Rodenstock 90mm f4.5 Grandagon

Terrance Wong
19-Sep-1997, 00:37
Can one use B+W 82mm filters with this lens? I'm concerned that the filter glas s will touch the front lens element due to the large curvature.

Atul Sharma
25-Oct-1997, 20:20
1/I have a similar question for my Sinaron W90mm f4.5 lens.Would screw on type f ilters workwith these lenses considering the huge size,assuming one can afford t o buy them in the first place? 2/Would it be possible to use a rear mounted polariser with precision? 2/Does Sinar have a website ?

Sterling Black
4-Nov-1997, 02:40
Try www.sinarbron.com