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8-Jan-2014, 05:22
Hi all

I'm think about buying, or at least making an offer, on two Nikkor lenses, the SW 75mm f4.5 and the W 150mm f5.6. The 150mm is in great condition, the 75mm has partially lost the coating on the rear glass surface. This guy offered me to buy a Arca-Swiss Field F-line 4x5 (rear standard 141mm, front standard 110mm) and it includes these two lenses as well as Nikkor SW 90mm f4.5 and Nikkor W 210mm f5.6. Since I already have a 90mm and a 240mm these are not needed. I also bought a Toyo VX125 camera instead. So you can see how the 75mm and 150mm would fill a gap.

Nikkor SW 75mm f4.5 + Nikkor W 150mm f5.6:
For this kit what kind of cash should I offer? How much would you buy these lenses for?

Sorry no pictures as of yet.

Andreas E Lundberg, Sweden

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8-Jan-2014, 05:33
Plenty of them on Ebay and in their closed sales records. You can see the range, and the highs and lows.