View Full Version : Best densitometer for alt process

Craig Tuffin
8-Jan-2014, 01:59
I'm looking for a good quality densitometer to use with my X-ray film and salt prints. Is the X-rite 301 considered the best or is there better?
Any suggestions are welcome.

8-Jan-2014, 02:24

if you're using staining developers (like the pyrogallol/pyrocathecol based ones) X-rite 361T should be a better choice because it has a UV channel. With "standard" non-staining developers the 301 model is fine too. You can find the reason to use a UV channel to measure stained negatives on several threads on this forum and in some articles on the web (for example http://www.unblinkingeye.com/Articles/Densi/densi.html)

Craig Tuffin
8-Jan-2014, 02:32
Great suggestion and a good read thanks. I'm not planning on using pyro developers on the X-ray film at the moment but it is something I use for redeveloping glass negatives. It's definitely worth a thought.

Jim Fitzgerald
8-Jan-2014, 08:05
Craig, if you can find a 361T that would be my suggestion. It is what I use for my pyro negatives and I use it for xray film as well. I develop them in pyro as well.

Craig Tuffin
8-Jan-2014, 15:49
Ok, I'm convinced! Im now on the look-out for a X-rite 361T.

Thanks Jim and Filippo!

6-Feb-2014, 14:40
I just got a very nice one with calibration strip for $100 from a private seller. Thanks for this thread.