View Full Version : Linhof Technika III back

7-Jan-2014, 18:15
I just bought a Linhof Super Technika III version 3 9x12. I really like the camera but finding 9x12 film is really pain. The back of the camera excepts 9x12 single sheet holder. Is there any way to change the back of it with universal 4x5/9x12 back. I also have Linhof Color Kardan Monorail which has that universal back. If it possible I want to chance them.

8-Jan-2014, 00:09
BTW Both of them are rotating back

3-May-2014, 01:52
If it's the real TechIII (157mm square) and not the immediate post-war Press variant (149mm square), then yes, the proper Tech III rotating back will fit, just clip-off, clip-on.
I've done exactly that, having acquired a Tech III with a 9x12-only single-holder back.